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    In matters of public record, resolve questions about an individual's civil and criminal rulings with a legal documents inquiry for criminal records and criminal background check.

    Why should you use CIAdata for criminal background checks and a criminal records search? Get the best criminal reports online while doing a felony search and criminal record search.

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    We look at all available records from the most comprehensive databases:
    • personal background checks
      • legal name
      • other names associated and/or linked with the subject (aka's)
      • date of birth
      • current and previous addresses with dates of occupancy
      • current and previous phone listings
      • social security number, place and date of issuance
      • other social security numbers associated with subject
      • other names associated with subject's social security number
      • possible relatives
      • other individuals who have used subject's addresses
      • neighboring phone listings for subject's addresses
    • criminal records search - criminal background checks - criminal reports
      • criminal convictions
      • felony and misdemeanor convictions
      • sexual offenses
    • bankruptcies search
      • chapter 7, 9, 11, 12, 13 schedule 341/trusteeship
    • liens search
      • federal tax lien
      • state tax lien
      • county tax lien
      • state tax warrant
    • judgments search
      • small claims judgment
      • civil special judgment
      • deficiency judgments
      • foreclosures
      • forcible entry/detainer
      • civil new filing
      • civil dismissal
      • vacated/appealed judgment
      • abstract of judgment
    • ucc filings search
    • real property records search
      • real property ownership
      • parcel numbers and legal descriptions
      • assessed land, improved and market values
      • recent sales prices and dates
      • deed transfers, including quit claims and grants
      • lenders and loan amount information
    • business records search
      • business affiliations
    • licenses search
      • professional licenses
      • dea controlled substances licenses
      • faa pilot license, class and rating search
    • vehicle & driving license records search
      • drivers license search information
      • other licensed drivers at subject's address
      • vehicle registrations, place and date of issuance
      • vehicles registered at subject's address
    • watercraft registration search
    • faa aircraft registration search

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